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Detrey Jérémie : Factoring integers with ECM on the Kalray MPPA-256 processor

Mercredi 28 Juin 2017

Séminaire ECO/Escape, LIRMM.

** Factoring integers with ECM on the Kalray MPPA-256 processor **

The Kalray MPPA-256 is a recent low-power chip which embeds 256
32-bit cores. As such, it can be used as an efficient co-processor
for accelerating computations, bridging the gap between usual CPUs
and the more throughput-oriented GPUs, all the while consuming far
less power.

In this talk, we will present a fast and energy-efficient
implementation of the Elliptic Curve Method (ECM, an algorithm for
factoring integers) on this platform. After a brief presentation of
the ECM and of its important role in cryptanalysis, especially in
the context of factoring RSA keys, we will glance at some of the key
architectural features of the MPPA-256. We will then present an
optimized library for multiprecision modular arithmetic, on top of
which the ECM implementation was built, before concluding with a few
benchmarks and comparisons with the state of the art.

This is a joint work with Masahiro Ishii, Pierrick Gaudry, Atsuo
Inomata, and Kazutoshi Fujikawa.